Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bink Video Codec Available On WiiU


The Bink Video codec is very popular in the game industry for encoding pre-rendered sequences. Developers recognise it for it's efficiency at compressing and it's high quality video. It's has been used in the industry for years.

As a gamer you've no doubt come across quite a few games that use the popular video codec.

Thus, it's not surprising that RAD Game Tools has brought Bink Video codec to the WiiU.

The changelog on their site notes that Wii U support was first implemented on December 14, 2011, but was switched to “Wii-U SDK 2.04″ on May 5, 2012 just a couple of weeks ago (which is further indication of the existence of multiple different Wii U dev kits).

This news should be further encouragement to third-party developers to feel comfortable developing for WiiU, bringing the development process closer to what they are familiar with on other platforms.

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